Chemical Peels

Chemical peels administered in-office achieve more rapid results than those resulting from creams.  Peels are primarily used to improve sun-damaged skin, fine lines and surface pigment irregularities.  Some surface scars resulting from acne can be softened with these treatments as well. 

Typically, glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid are used to effect more immediate softening of fine lines, pigment irregularities and sun-damaged skin.  Peels are usually administered at two-week intervals, beginning with weaker concentrations of medications which are then gradually increased.  Desired results are most often achieved in a period of about 2-3 months (3-4 treatments).  Home products used in conjunction with in-office chemical peels can maintain the benefits of these treatments and further enhance healthy skin by helping to encourage collagen production and by gradually smoothing the appearance of surface pigment and contour irregularities. Chemical peels may be introduced in the future, but are not performed at our clinic, presently.

Phenol, used for many years as a peeling agent, removes superficial and deep-level layers of skin.  Its use is associated with greater likelihood of scarring, permanent pigment irregularities and occasionally with irregular heart rhythm.  For these reasons, phenol peels are unavailable at our clinic.