Cosmetic Creams

A variety of reliable cosmetic creams are now available for home use to gradually help give the skin a healthier, more uniform appearance.  Alpha-and beta-hydroxy acid products, topical retinoids such as Renova®, and various herbal ingredients (red wine polyphenols, curcumin/tumeric, ginko biloba, ginseng, silymarin, genestein, diadzein, licorice, resveratrol, tea tree oil, arnica, bromelain, chamomille, pomegranate, caffeine, green tea, ferulic acid (and many more!) are included in some of these products.  These may be dispensed at Facey in the future, but are not presently. Let us review your options.

Renova is an FDA approved emollient cream form of Retin-A®.  Renova® is particularly effective at treating sun-damaged skin and pigment irregularities when used together with other topical preparations, particularly hydroquinone, kojic acid and other 'bleaching' preparations.  The benefit of combined regimens is not only cosmetic, but medical: fine lines soften as the likelihood of developing future skin cancers decreases.  If necessary, these medications can be prescribed when you meet with Dr. Goldman.

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