Facey Leadership has made a long-term commitment to conduct high quality, rigorous studies and has made a considerable investment to make this endeavor successful. An operational plan for our research center has been created and implemented. Every aspect related to how we will perform research at Facey has been carefully considered. Our Clinical Research Center includes:
  • Administrative and clinical research offices with in-house information technology
  • Secure medical records & drug storage, multiple exam rooms
  • Equipment for processing specimens for transport to a central laboratory, and
  • Research equipment that is widely used in most studies.
Facey Medical Group conducts 10,000 patient visits per week and cares for over 150,000 patients.   These visit statistics combined with our information technology systems allow us to track a myriad of information for thousands of treatments.  Our extensive database affords a rich basis for meaningful outcome studies and clinical trials.

At Facey, we understand the importance of adhering to study protocol and to conducting the study according to Good Clinical Practices. Our goal is to quickly and effectively enroll qualified patients, retain them throughout the study, and ensure the highest quality of data.