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  • When to make your first appointment after discharge?

    Typically, your baby’s appointment will be 2 to 3 days after your discharge from the hospital.  If there are other concerns such as jaundice or excessive weight loss, we may have you schedule an appointment earlier.  Please call the office once you know your anticipated date of discharge to schedule an appointment.  Newborn follow up appointments are a priority so we will see you even if we are very busy!
  • What should I expect at our first appointment?

    Be prepared to come in 30 minutes EARLY, as there is paperwork to fill out (Insurance information, Patient information sheet, Pediatric history, Third party consent). You can obtain the forms from our website and fill them out prior to your appointment.  In that case you need to come only 15 min early.  New parents often underestimate the time necessary to make your first outing, so remember to take that into account.  Please bring in your questions, so we can make this visit very productive. Please remember to make the baby’s next appointment before you leave the office.
  • Breastfeeding

    The nurses at the hospital are trained to help new mothers breastfeed and answer questions.  Most hospitals have lactation support groups that are run by lactation consultants.  These do have an additional charge.  Here are some of the current resources:

    If you are interested, ask the nurses at the hospital or you can always call Labor and Delivery after discharge for additional information. Your pediatrician can also provide references for lactation consultants if you want a private consultation.
  • What's Next? 

    Facey pediatricians have developed patient care handouts with age-specific guidance on nutrition, development and behavior, safety and much more.  For you convenience, we've included those most relevent for this time, here: