is your child ill?

  • Pink Eye

    • Symptoms: The whites of the eyes are red and there is discharge from the eyes. The eyelids are often stuck together when the child wakes up.
    • Causes:
      • Pink eye is most commonly due to infection or allergies; however there are other more uncommon causes of pink eye such as trauma or injury to the eye.
      • Infectious causes can be viral or bacterial. There may be other signs of a cold present such as runny nose, fevers, and cough. It is often difficult to tell the difference between a viral and bacterial etiology, please see your doctor if you have concern for pink eye due to infection as your child may need antibiotic eye drops.
      • Allergic conjunctivitis is usually present in both eyes and the eyes are itchy. Often the child has other signs or symptoms of allergies.
    • What to do: use warm compresses to help wash away the eye discharge. Make sure to wash your hands and your child’s hands frequently. Avoid eye rubbing.
    • When to see the doctor: concern for infection or symptoms not improving after 2-3 days, blurred vision, eyes are painful, unable to open eyelids, spreading redness around the eyelids