California still requires masks to be worn in health care settings. Patients, physicians and staff will be required to continue wearing masks at all Facey locations. Everyone over age 12 is now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in California. Learn more.

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Facey Patient Education 

Want to know the best way to stay healthy? Well, we have some advice for you. Knowledge is power. And with a little help from Facey’s Patient Education team, you can take managing your health to a new level. We offer programs on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from general nutrition and healthful lifestyles to more illness-specific issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Facey gives you the tools to live smarter. Think of it as extra credit for your next doctor’s visit! (we promise they’ll be happy to hear that you went to a class)

Not all classes are created equal.

Most of our education classes are open to the public and are offered free of charge. Several classes are offered in Spanish. Some require a referral from your physician. Many of our programs are offered at multiple Facey locations in order to provide you with convenient access to our most popular programs. Call us to find out if the class you are interested in is offered near you.