All Facey clinics (except Immediate Care) and administrative offices will be closed on December 24 in observance of the Christmas holiday.

Your care. Your voice. Your team.

Team-based care creates an environment where a group of providers and caregivers are working together to support you. Physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, clinical care coordinators, and receptionists all have have a role in making sure your needs are at the center of what we do.

The greatest benefit of having a team care for you is the additional team providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They give you easier access to care when you need medical help. Our nurse practitioners and physician assistants are board-certified health care providers who can see you for a variety of services, including medication refills, routine visits, and more. But it doesn’t stop with the exam room. Your care team may also include Facey specialists, nutrition and wellness educators, pharmacists, behavioral health providers, and case managers. They all work closely with your primary care provider (PCP) to meet your care needs.

We’re building a long-term partnership with you that is focused on you.

Our teams are committed to providing you with seamless, coordinated care that gets you back on your feet as quickly as possible. But healing you is just the start. Your care team looks for ways to improve your care experience. They meet and communicate regularly through quick chats and team meetings. Together, they have you covered for many health issues, including:

  • Preventive health care, which includes screening tests for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, certain cancers, and immunizations that can keep you well.
  • Acute care, for diagnosis and treatment of an illness or injury.
  • Continuing care, if you have conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or COPD.

When you need to visit us, your care team works to ensure:

  • An appointment is made with one of your team providers
  • The reason for your visit is addressed
  • Your care plan is explained
  • You are connected to additional care team members when you need it (for example: clinical pharmacist, behavioral health, or care coordination).

We also offer after-hours appointments on Mondays at most offices (and Immediate Care in Mission Hills and Valencia) for when you need care when our clinics are closed.


Tools to stay in touch with your care team between office visits

MyChart by Providence

MyChart is an online service you can use to quickly:

  • Send secure emails to your health care team 
  • See your test results
  • See upcoming tests and orders*
  • Review your medical information
  • Request appointments online
  • Request medication refills

Ask a member of your health care team how you can sign up for a MyChart account or sign up online. Please note that MyChart should not be used for urgent or emergency medical assistance since response times may take up to 48 hours.

*Feature is available in desktop version of MyChart only and not in the MyChart mobile app.

After Visit Summary

We encourage you to review the After Visit Summary provided to you at the end of your visit. It has important details about what happened during your appointment. It may also include care instructions, lab orders, details on your next appointment, and a list of your medications.

Patient Education Programs

Facey offers a variety of individualized and group education programs designed to help you achieve your health goals. Available programs include nutrition, wellness, disease management, and more. Ask your care team about which programs may be right for you. You can also view our current offerings here.

Care Teams By Location

 Orange Team 
Tri Dao, M.D.
Ciara Shirvanian, M.D.
Elijah Wasson, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Daisy
Resource Nurse: Mayra

 Peach Team 
Leah Heap, M.D.
Hesam Hekmatjou, M.D.
Ruby Minosa, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Daisy
Resource Nurse: Mayra

 Gold Team 
Tarannum Alam, M.D.
Vernon Lackman, M.D.
Esther Lee, M.D.
Shay Partovi, M.D.
Elma Babayans, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Fabiola
Resource Nurse: Rosie

 Platinum Team 
Ghazaleh Erfanzadeh, M.D.
Anush Hasratyan, M.D.
Bina Maharjan, M.D.
Navid Massoudi, M.D.
Ressie Ramos, NP
Resource Nurse: Melanee

 Copper Team 
Allison Adler, M.D.
Catherine Asuncion, M.D.
Daisy Mae Markley, M.D.
Bassem el Tom, M.D.
Ressie Ramos, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Chloe

 Blue Team 
Andrea Sanchez, M.D.
Michael Sanchez, M.D.
Lou Ellen Wilson, M.D.
Marie "Nikki" Hamilton, PA
Clinical Care Coordinator: Monica

 Purple Team 
Maria Behrooj, NP
Daniel Belayneh, M.D.
Jeffery Lee, M.D.
Tam Te, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Stephanny

 Green Team 
Felizardo Gaxiola, M.D.
Miguel Lizama, M.D.
Ana Lopes, D.O.
Ada Ortiz, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Cecilia

 Teal Team 
Donald Huey, M.D.
Young Bin Park, NP-C
Angela Singh, M.D.
Anjali Takyar, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Dolores

 Burgundy Team 
Erik Davydov, M.D.
Noel Flores, M.D.
Ali Gamini, M.D.
Nayiri Gharibian, M.D.
Roy Kim, D.O.
Ana Siler, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Mayra

 Black Team 
Fausto Cordero, M.D.
Chrissie Espindola, M.D.
Carie Mahoney, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Karla

 Turquoise Team 
Vahe Mooradian, M.D.
Marie Salcedo, M.D.
Viviana Tiba, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Monica


 Emerald Team 
Elsie Kwon, M.D.
Richard Landers, M.D.
Loren Leshan, M.D.
Michael Nelson, M.D.
Alaleh Sareh, M.D.
Samina Qadir, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Grecia

 Violet Team 
Ali Goharbin, M.D.
Jong Charles Lee, M.D.
Clinical Care Coordinator: Melissa

 Coral Team 
Jeffrey Caputo, M.D.
Donald Downs, M.D.
Maeve Lin, D.O.
Farridah Shafiee, D.O.

 Navy Blue Team 
Mark Geller, M.D.
Daniel Lewis, M.D.
Jeffrey Shukhman, D.O.

 Red Team 
Ranilo Asuncion, M.D.
Mariya Andriasian, M.D.
Jan Janay, M.D.
Victor Galicia, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Diane

 Pink Team 
Alaa Aboul Hosn, M.D.
Sawsan Jawad, M.D.
Rebecca Patterson-Judd, M.D.
Maritess Zareno, NP
Clinical Care Coordinators: Diane & Kathy

 White Team 
Omaima Azzam, M.D.
Bhuvaneswari Gowthaman, M.D.
Alex Hardy, D.O.
Calvin Hung, M.D.
Louis Lurie, M.D.

Belinda Rouse, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Kathy

 Aqua Team 
Chris Avelino, M.D.
Geoffrey Lloyd, M.D.
Rosemary Lopez, NP
Clinical Care Coordinator: Diane