Los Angeles County is beginning to schedule the administration of the COVID vaccine to adults over the age of 65. Due to the evolving nature of vaccine supplies, we ask that you please do not contact your Facey doctor's office at this time about vaccine availability. Learn more.

Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

As a provider of medical care for over 94 years, Facey has engendered a growing trust from the communities we serve, and with it a growing responsibility for commitment and integrity to them.  Facey's family of providers has distinguished itself by the guidance of ethical and conduct standards.

As part of an ever-changing industry, Facey continues to reexamine its standards to optimize care and assure complete adherence to the laws and regulations that govern our business.   Please take a moment to review the following:

Fraud, waste and abuse

One of the growing issue facing the medical industry today is fraud, waste and abuse. Facey takes these problems head on through an extensive program of education, monitoring and enforcement. Please visit our section dedicated to this subject.