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Choosing A Pediatrician: Jessica Hall & Dr. Kim

Reality show personality and talk radio host Jessica Hall recently gave birth to her new son, Jake. Before the birth, she sat down with Facey pediatrician Dr. Peter Kim to talk about how to find a pediatrician that matches up with your expectations for accessibility as well as care philosophy. Dr. Kim shared his approach to care and why he thinks most parents would prefer seeing a doctor that’s part of a medical group like Facey. As a special treat, he also shares his secret about getting your baby to sleep through the night! Check out the whole series of videos here:

Part 1: What to look for when choosing a pediatrician

Dr. Kim shares his thoughts on how to pick a great doctor out of the crowd.

Part 2: What should moms ask in order to learn a doctor's philosophy of care?

Dr. Kim shares the most frequent questions parents ask him in order to understand his approach to care.

Part 3: The advantages of a physician group versus a single doctor

Dr. Kim talks about why he decided to work at Facey and why choosing a medical group can offer parents greater peace of mind.

Part 4: Dr. Kim's Adventures Around The World

Dr. Kim shares his passion for providing help and compassion to people in need.

Part 5: Hospital newborn visits & pediatric emergency care

Dr. Kim talks about the hospitals Facey doctors work with for newborn deliveries and emergency services.

Part 6: Dr. Kim's secret to getting your baby to sleep through the night

Dr. Kim shares a bit of advice that any parent with a young baby will love to hear: It's possible to get your baby to sleep through the night sooner than you may think!