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Choosing A Pediatrician: Lisa & Rick Malambri

We invited actress, model and mom blogger Lisa Malambri, her professional actor husband Rick, and their daughter Alyx to sit down with Facey pediatrician Dr. Lauren Lubin to talk about how to find the pediatrician that’s right for you. In addition to advice on what to ask, Dr. Lubin shared her own care philosophy and why she thinks most parents would prefer seeing a doctor that’s part of a medical group like Facey. Check out the entire series of videos below!

Part 1: Why Facey Pediatrics?

Lisa & Rick ask Dr. Lubin why parents should choose a Facey doctor for their family.

Part 2: The Advantages of A Medical Group

Dr. Lubin shares why she thinks choosing a medical group over a private practice makes good sense for families that lead busy lives.

Part 3: How To Find Your First Pediatrician

Picking your first pediatrician as a new parent can be a challenge. Dr. Lubin gives her advice on where to look and who to ask for suggestions.

Part 4: Dr. Lubin's Background

Dr. Lubin shares her origin story and why she loves being a pediatrician at Facey.

Part 5: Advice For Parents Still Trying to Find The Perfect Pediatrician

Sometimes the first pediatrician you pick doesn't work out the way you expected. Where do you go from there? How do you fix problems or move on? Dr. Lubin shares her feelings on how the whole care team at a doctor's office can make or break a great experience for parents, and what to do if things don't work out.

Part 6: Other Ways to Get Answers When You Don't Have an Appointment

Lisa and Rick talk with Dr. Lubin about how parents can reach their Facey doctors when they need answers but can't make it in to the office for an appointment.

Part 7:  Let's Talk Schedules: Vaccinations and Appointments

Dr. Lubin shares her beliefs on childhood vaccinations and how parents and doctors can work together to make an immunization schedule that respects everyone's wishes and protects children from illness. She also explains how her team handles delays that happen when appointments run longer than expected.