Nutrition Consultations

Also known as: Nutrition Counseling

Registered dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy, develop individual nutrition plans for people with medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease), and counsel people on healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to dietitians, Facey employs certified diabetes educators to help patients manage their healthy habits.

Speak with your doctor for a referral to a staff nutritionist. You’re also welcome to call us toll-free at 866-837-5779 for more information.

A registered dietitian can help you by:

  • Designing a personal weight management plan to suit your lifestyle, goals and nutritional requirements
  • Giving you direction on meal planning for your entire family (from small children to older parents)
  • Teaching you how to shop for groceries, read labels, modify your favorite recipes, and make healthy choices when dining out at restaurants
  • Guiding you on eating well during pregnancy and lactation
  • Designing a nutrition program for peak athletic performance
  • Recommending nutrition goals for eating disorders
  • Determining if you are eating properly
  • Translating the latest scientific findings into easy-to-understand nutrition information

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