Los Angeles County is currently experiencing a measles outbreak. Learn more.


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  • Statement Regarding Los Angeles County Measles Outbreak
    May 01, 2019
    At Facey Medical Group, your health is important to us. We are aware of the measles outbreak in our area and are following the recommendations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
  • New Hours of Operation at Facey Clinics Starting April 1
    March 28, 2019
    Beginning April 1, 2019, we're expanding our pediatric hours of operation at our offices in order to provide patients with more convenient care. 
  • Facey Medical Group Expands Wellness Offerings with New Yoga Program
    March 28, 2019
    Facey now offers an exciting and innovative restorative yoga program for patients struggling with mild to moderate chronic low back pain. The 15-week program is run out of Facey's Patient Education Center in Mission Hills.
  • Choosing A Pediatrician: Lisa & Rick Malambri
    November 25, 2017
    We invited actress, model and mom blogger Lisa Malambri, her professional actor husband Rick, and their daughter Alyx to sit down with Facey pediatrician Dr. Lauren Lubin to talk about how to find the pediatrician that’s right for you.
  • Choosing A Pediatrician: Jessica Hall & Dr. Kim
    November 09, 2017
    Reality show personality and talk radio host Jessica Hall recently gave birth to her new son, Jake. Before the birth, she sat down with Facey pediatrician Dr. Peter Kim to talk about how to find a pediatrician that matches up with your expectations for accessibility as well as care philosophy.
  • You Can Make Quick, Healthy Breakfasts For Your Kids
    July 12, 2015
    Getting kids ready for school in the morning is hectic but do not skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that isn’t just an old wives’ tale. Scientific studies show kids who eat breakfast perform better in school, are more likely to participate in physical activities, and tend to eat healthier overall. Kids who don't eat breakfast are less able to learn or stay focused at school.
  • Make Your Summer a Health One
    May 23, 2015
    When June rolls around, school is finally done and the summer begins! With that comes the challenge of staying healthy without the routine of school, activities, and homework. Here are some tips to keep your family eating healthy:
  • What To Do About This Year's Flu?
    February 13, 2015
    We are in the middle of Flu season and it is busy in doctors’ offices, hospitals and urgent cares all over town. If you have not gotten the flu vaccine, it’s not too late! You may have heard that this season, a strain of influenza appeared after the vaccine was already made. Despite this news, recent reports estimate that getting vaccinated still reduces a person’s risk of having to go to the doctor because of the flu by 23%. For that reason, it’s still a good idea to vaccinate your family.
  • How to Tame the Picky Eater
    January 08, 2015
    Is your child a picky eater? Is it only hot dogs or chicken nuggets? Most of us have battled with our children over healthy food choices. I had an especially picky eater but with patience and perseverance and a few strategies, she has come a long way. That makes me pretty confident you could try the same tactics I did and tame your picky eater. Ready to give it a shot?
  • Healthy Eating During the Holidays
    December 05, 2014
    T’is the season shorter days, family gatherings, and all the excitement that comes with the holiday season. All that excitement can make it feel challenging to keep healthy, but it is possible and it isn’t hard! Here are my best tips for living and eating healthy during this holiday season...
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